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      " To provide exceptional service to discerning horse owners and businesses, both large and small, with prompt, reliable and compassionate veterinary care."



Equibreed Oz is an equineveterinary service based on the Central Coast of NSW.


We can provide advanced reproductive technologies at our breeding centre as well as providing high level equine dentistry services and general ambulatory work.


Dr Tazawa is one of only a handful of Theriogenologists in NSW.

As a board certified animal reproduction veterinarian, Dr Tazawa spends the majority of every day imersed in all things reproduction..... and loves it!





Our mission statement:

Our name:



    Our business name 'Equibreed Oz' was borrowed (with blessing) from Equibreed NZ Ltd. a specialist equine reproduction practice near Cambridge in New Zealand that is owned and operated by Dr Lee Morris, a registered specialist in Animal reproduction and a valuable mentor to Dr Peter Tazawa.


There is also another reproduction focused practice in Enlgand named Equibreed UK that is run by a former associate of Dr Morris.


Whilst we share the name, we are separate entities and not a franchise. We are partnerships in spirit and ethos: businesses driven by a wish to provide scientific, state-of-the-art, high quality reproduction services with a strong focus on customer service and value. 





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