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Equibreed Oz is a family business.  We are committed to minimising our environmental impact, both at home and work.  Some of the ways we achieve this are:


- total reliance on solar power;

- collecting all our water by way of large capacity rain water tanks;

- on-site waste water treatment via a very eco-friendly Biolytix system, which recycles waste water for fruit tree irrigation; 

- operating the office out of our energy-efficient home;

- driving fuel-efficient hybrid and diesel vehicles;

- running an in-house (and in-vehicle) laboratory, reducing reliance on external laboratories and transport miles;

- minimising paper use by emailing invoices and written correspondence;

- using only recycled paper and re-manufactured printer cartridges;

- recycling all recyclable waste;

- utilising composts, worm farms and chickens to recycle green waste and food waste.




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